Skin, Hair and Nails

Anti-Aging: beautifies the skin, hair and nails: brighter, stronger and flexible. Higher tensile strength hair follicles. Delays the apparition of wrinkles. Help skin to retain moisture for a radiant, plump and youthful looking. Brittle nails.


Joints & Bones

  • Joint flexibility, elasticity, and mobility: Helps to repair and maintain healthy ligaments, tendons and cartilages.
  • Anti-inflammatory action.
  • Increases collagane/elastin production. Increase cellular self-regeneration and self-repair accelerating the healing process.
  • Increases calcium absorption: stronger, flexible and denser bones. Restores youthful vitality and vibrant energy.


Healthy Heart

Healthy Circulatory System: Fortifies blood vessels and assures the integrity of elastic fibers and impermeability of arterial walls. Prevents and helps on problems as cholesterol, hypertension and atheroma.



Improves body’s utilization and absorption of key nutrients. Helps to carry the elements into the cells, “Trojan horse” effect. Improves the metabolism. Also, works as an alkalinizer which helps balance the PH levels of the body. Silica is great to balance hormones and helps you sleep better.



  • Detoxification: Silica may remove toxic heavy metals and reduce metabolic waste for an internal cleaning.
  • Aluminium Metal Elimination: Researchers and scientists knows the Alzheimer’s diseases perhaps linked to aluminium building up in your brain.
  • Antioxidant, allows for the removal and elimination of excess metabolic waste.



  • Immune system: Strengthens the defenses of the body. Immune system booster against degenerative diseases, it is necessary for the human process of antibodies/antigens and it encourages the conversion of LB (B-Lymphocyte) into LT (T-Liymphocyte).
  • Nerve Synapse Function-Signaling: Improves cellcommunication and electron transporting.