Use of Silica in Animals

Pet owners and animal lovers are always looking for what is best for their precious pets. Unfortunately not many know about the benefits of using silica for their pets. Scientists have known for many years that silica is a vital supplement for the well-being and performance of animal health. There is a well-documented link between low silica levels in animals and sub-optimal health and vitality rates. Silica has a direct effect on the animal through the nutrients and trace elements contained in silica that are passed through its system that the animal is highly unlikely to get in any other way. The use of silica on animals is beneficial for their coats/fur, optimal health, joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, pests control, vision and more.

As it is common for animal feed to be lacking in silica content, most animals experience the negative effects of silica deficiency that we can reverse by using the right supplement. Food grade silica must form part of regular feed patterns in order to ensure animals are as healthy, strong and energetic as possible. If you are worried about feeding silica to your pets well no need to worry because silica isn’t just safe for pets: you can safely ingest it as well! If you are extremely careful about what you give your dog, cat, horse, or pet, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the use of silica.

Feeding Dogs and Cats with Silica Can Help them with:




Articular mobility


Brighter and resistant coat

Benefits of Silica on your Pet’s Joints, Coat, Bones, and Tissues.

Silica not only helps with skin conditions and the pet’s coat it also speeds up the healing process for injuries to bones and connective tissues. Silica builds collagen which is a building block for connective tissues. Strong connective tissues help to support joints and bones. Furthermore, as previously stated silica also has been shown to increase bone density and speed up recovery from bone fractures. Silica deficiency has been linked to a broad range of health, performance and appearance problems from lack of coat sheen, to poor calcium utilization, to scours, to arterial disease. Clinical and observation trials conducted in many countries have recorded strikingly similar conclusions.

Your pet will notice a big difference within a few days and start begging you for it. This is because every connective tissue in the body – muscles, joints, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, skin, and all organs need silica for strength and resilience. When they get it, aches and pains flee. Silica is essential for the joints in the body.


After just a few weeks of using silica, you will notice a huge difference in your cat, horse, and dog’s coat. The quality of an animal’s coat is a good indication as to his overall health. A dull coat with hair falling out is a sign of poor health.

Silica Accelerates the Growth and Development of Animals and Cattles.

Silica is directly related to the formation of bone, cartilage and collagen and clinical observation reports that silica can increase the collagen in growing bone by up to 100%. Silica can also accelerate the growth in calves and plays a vital role in weight gain in cows. Silica’s role in building bone, giving strength to body tissue and joint health is a good reason for this often overlooked mineral to be considered in the overall aim to produce and maintain healthy horses. It promotes firmness and strength in the tissues and is part of the arteries, tendons, skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Supplementing horses with this often overlooked mineral may help support skeletal growth and decrease injuries in performance horses. Tests comparing weight gain in animals using silica as a regular component of feed have generally followed two testing patterns:

  • Animals fed with silica and a 10% to 25% reduced feed ration experience similar weight gain to the control group.
  • Animals fed with silica and the same amount of feed as the control group experience superior weight gain.

Clinical testing has shown that using silica product as part of their feed regime will rid even the largest of animals, such as cattle, of internal parasites and will continue to control both adult and egg forms. Silica products do not control the heart or lungworm.


How to Buy Silica as a Food Supplement for your Pet.

Your dog, cat, horse or any other pet needs something that is considered a food supplement, that is easy to dispense, that the animals will eat readily, and has no harm associated with it. The nutrient that fits all categories is silica, which is found in our products. Silica is a substance that is easily found in a feed store or online. You just have to make sure you get the right type. Getting the wrong type could mean the difference between life and death.

Advantages of Silica Used on your Pet.

Is Silica Harmful to your Pet?

Silica even helps eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses by its sponge-like molecular structure and it decreases parasites. Silica also helps out the animals with the effects of vaccination. What animal wouldn’t do better when they have a stronger immune system and fewer parasites?

There are so many uses for Silica in your animal and all translate to better health for the pet. Apply silica gel to your dog or other pet’s coat to help against those pesky annoying fleas and ticks. Silica mixed in your pet’s food is also effective against a variety of insect pests and parasites – it can even be used to treat internal parasite infections like roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms.



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